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Acquaintance Party 2017

Hollywood, come get me. Seriously. 

Why haven't you called or knocked on my door yet?

It's been a full year since I've posted and I thought I was gonna have to give up on blogging altogether, what with so many things I've been facing and struggling with lately. But, finally, I've finished struggling. I've set myself free of all the things that have plagued me ever since I became hyper-aware that there was a "me" to begin with. It doesn't make sense, I know. Every thing will be clear someday.

But for now, the only thing that makes sense is me being in Hollywood. Clearly, the pictures above are a testimony to this. Something is truly wrong with the universe right now because it hasn't taken me there yet. But things will set themselves straight in the future and I'll arrive there someday. I hope* crosses fingers*.


Acquaintance Party 2016

A friend of mine who's a senior. Our outfits coordinated somehow so we took a picture :)


Turtle's Point by the Abandoned Hotel(Catmon, Cebu)

My friend and I drove far north of Cebu to the municipality of Catmon to find this abandoned and unfinished hotel(I guess you could call it that; we are not at all certain whether it truly is a hotel) just a kilometer before reaching the Catmon Cathedral. The hotel was said to be unfinished due to some complications with its legality, I'm not sure. This is also where what the locals call "Turtle's Point" is located because Sea Turtles frequent this place. But I suppose now that humans are coming here often, the turtles come here less and less now. We barely saw any on our visits here. And they are wise to stay away from us. We humans are a dangerous species. 

People usually come here to jump off from the balcony of the hotel into the crystal clear water(sometimes, they even go as far as jumping off from the roof!). It's about a 15 ft drop, I think(maybe 30 from the roof. I'm not good with estimating so mehh). When we arrived to this place, we saw a bunch of kids doing just that. I would've jumped into the water myself, but finding a way back up the hotel seemed hard and tedious. Perhaps next time. Maybe when they add a ladder or stairs. 

After visiting the hotel, we drove farther north to Bogo(it was a really long drive and our butts started aching!) because we wanted to see if there were better adventuring sites. There weren't. But we got to see this nice little place with a wonderful view of the hills. So that long, hot ride was worth it(I guess?)

The hat I am wearing, btw, is called a "Cloche." Quite fancy, eh? I have taken a liking for hats(especially the old, vintage kinds) and I got this for a really decent price! 

And that's it for today, little critters! Till next time once again!