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A Bookworm in Her Natural Habitat

I love reading. I want to dig my nose deep into the worlds of characters and get lost in the fantasy which I would much rather prefer to than our reality. But of course, those "better" worlds only live within the confines of a book. That's why I have come to the realization that books are like prisons. Not only do they hold the characters as prisoners, but also the readers. Because, honestly-- as a person with not much excitement going on in her life-- I feel like once I start reading an epic story with lots of twists and thrilling bits, I start feeling like a prisoner in my world, thinking, "why is our boring world the only one that exists?" There should be alternate worlds you can step into. Just like in the Lego Movie. That movie was just literally awesome. I can't even. I just can't. 

But you know, it probably isn't the world who's boring. It's you. You could go out right now and start living a spontaneous life, but instead you're sitting there reading this. Don't get me wrong, I know how tiring it is to live an amazing life, that's why you and I would much rather sit and work on a blog. But I'd like to see you at least try to put yourself out there and do something crazy. Sitting around and reading books for the duration of your teen years is a waste because you can read all you want and be boring when you're older(Alaska Young philosophy). But I really do appreciate you reading this. Really. 

Aside from reading, another thing that I really love is my hair. I used to really hate the way my hair was curly and messy but now I can see that curly-haired girls are really beautiful to look at. Their hair tells their story. Their hair's a mess, just like they are. It's also wild-- just like they are. And it's uncontrollable, just like me. I'd like to be described all those things, because, like I said, who would want to be boring?

These pictures were taken the same day my friends came over to my house to do a collab for youtube. Yes, we're small youtubers. And not that proud of it, yet. Some people think that we're weird because anywhere we go, we talk to a camera and document anything we do. I guess they're just not used to it. Neither are we. But we try.

So that's it. These clips were from my good friend, Larlo. Follow him at Larloo. He's a great photographer and cinematographer. This is the video he made from this:
And here's the link to my youtube channel:

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