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Hi there! If you've stumbled upon my blog and are reading this right now, I'd just like to say first of all that my name is Brittny and I think pigs are cute. Okay, I think a lot of things are cute and I find a lot of things beautiful and I'm a pretty adventurous lady who is also obsessed with vintage things and fashion. So if you're wondering what this blog will be about, it's going to be about all those things(cuteness, beauty, adventures, vintage fashion). I also started this blog because I want to document all the adventures I've been on and all the outfits I wore and the experience of each and everything beautiful in this world and I'd like to share it with you! I really need your help to get this going. I need all the advice, criticism and comments I can get! I also hope to make great friends and get to do new things with the help of this blog. 

So, my friends came over to my house last saturday to do a collab for our youtube channels. And yes, we are small youtubers still trying to expand our subscribers(hopefully, you could do me a favor and go on ahead over to my channel and subcribe Click this). One of my friends owned a DSLR camera and took a few photos of me for his youtube video which is going to be a lookbook on his outfits and mine. We had so much fun that day and I loved posing for him. He also inspired me to continue this blog, so here I am. These pictures were taken on my rooftop which has a wonderful view of the mountains, a lake and the city. I live on a hill, so basically.

Here's my really awesome photographer friend. He's such a risk-taker. He actually climbed onto the roof and stood there like some sort of trapeze artist. He is just insane. He really had me scared for his life, but eventually I joined him. And I loved it! The thrill that comes with taking risks is like a joy to me unlike any other in the world. I think as juveniles we should take as many risks as we can because, when we grow older, we're gonna find ourselves not wanting to do anything exciting anymore. Perhaps the adrenaline has ran out for them older folk. And for kids like those female characters in John Green's books(excluding TFIOS), we're going to run out of that fuel that drives us to do crazy things eventually, so might as well be crazy while we can. I know I will-- but the kind of crazy with limitations. I want to have so many things to tell my grandkids in the future(assuming I'll have any)! And I want them to know that their grandma was one crazy-ass chic. 

Okay, that's all for today. I hope you have a terrific, spontaneous life!

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