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Coffee Madness

Hi, guys! New post, finally! I'm so excited to be posting about this because I loved the happenings of this day. It made me feel like a city girl due to the very busy schedule I had. First, I had CAT(Citizen Army Training) for half the day, then later my friend came over to my house so we could work on our scrapbooking project, and after that, the two of us(together with my mom) went to a cute little place called "Coffee Madness," which is a restaurant situated near my house--they serve extremely good coffee with amazing ambiance close to nature--, so we could interview the owner of that place for our TLE project. 

Mr. Alfonso amazed us by demonstrating how he did this intricate leaf-heart design. And after we took a video of the interview(which I might post later on my youtube channel), my colleague and I learned a lot of useful things. One special thing I learned from Mr. Alfonso is that he didn't create the business to fulfill his wishes to earn more money and become an entrepreneur, but simply because he loved making coffee. From what I remember, he said he didn't study about how to make coffee; he just learned it from the heart. That's something I can't get though. They say you should pursue a career doing what you love, but I don't think I've found anything I really love doing. Oh wait-- travelling! I love to travel and I love experiencing something new, but it can be so hard to get a career that allows you to travel and try new things at the same time. It still leaves me confused sometimes. I mean, how can a sixteen-year-old decide what she wants to do for the rest of her life at such a young age? 

To tell you honestly though, I'm not much of a coffee-girl. But after I tasted this coffee, I'd like to become one.

My mom's lipstick stain is a very famous icon. It should be up there beside Marilyn's.

And up there you see my groupmate and I acting as if this were a stolen shot of us discussing(it's not). After the interview at coffee madness, we went to the 16th birthday party of a very pretty lady. It was held at her subdivision and there was a pool and everything and I was so tempted to swim because I felt that I needed to relieve myself from the stress and all the happenings of the day, but, my mom didn't allow me. Besides, I didn't even bring a bathing suit. So we went there, chitchatted, and drove home; that was how we ended the night.

To finish this post, here's an oblivious shot of me drinking coffee. This was for free, by the way. Mr. Alfonso probably enjoyed the interview as much as we did. Toodles, guys!

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