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The Melon Dress

Oh, look at my kitty kissing me! Hahaha, he was kind enough to let me get this shot because afterward, he scratched me-- right on the cheek! Little rascal ran away as fast as he could because he knew what was coming... he knew... but it didn't happen due to the fact he hid so well. Darn it.
Okay, so I'll give you guys a small update on my life(that you wouldn't really care about, but oh well). 
I was chosen to participate in the Municipal Science Fair this week for my school; I was a contestant for the Oratorical Contest. I memorized my very long piece and I delivered it in front of the judges with all my heart, but I didn't win-- didn't even make it in the top five. Probably because I put in too much emotion to my words that it seemed like a declamation instead. I guess some competitions just don't really need too much effort to win. Lesson learned. 
After all the competitions, my schoolmates and I sat at the canteen while rain poured. We talked about random things, and laughed at the silliest nonsense then ran under the pouring rain to our school bus and got soaked. It was a day well spent for sure. 
But anyways, it was a great experience and it'll be my last because I'm graduating this year. No more Science Fairs for a long time. 


  1. you look so pretty, i love your curly hair! i'm so jealus of it haha !:D

    1. oh thanks! I rarely get compliments for my messy hair, you just made my day! :)