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Let's get Lost

Our spirits are lost somewhere, but they don't want to be found. 

We just wander where not many trek and we capture what few can see. 
Our minds are those which think differently-- more unusually. 

My soul is lost, but when it's found, it just wants to be lost again. Because being lost is beautiful. And not knowing what happens is magical. You just have to wait and see how it all ends up, not knowing if the results are good or bad. 

We have no idea where this blue ray of light came from. How did it even do that?
And here ends my nonsensical post for the week. Enjoy your days! Oh, and check out my youtube channel for new videos. 


  1. Beautiful photos, I love the light leak! That dress looks really cool too!

    1. awwwwe, thank you <3
      these photos are from my friend at
      check him out as well!