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My Bitter-Sweet Sixteen PhotoDiary

It's been so terribly long since I've posted anything, and I'm sorry. It's just that internet has been really slow and I'm still trying to get my pictures edited the right way(but I've been lazy, so I only edited two photos on here). But anyways, I just turned sixteen last December 16 of 2014. And let me tell you that I had a bad experience on my birthday anniversary. On this day when an awesome person was brought into the world, it rained. It hadn't rained all week, but on my birthday, it did. What's worse was one of my  close friends was away for my birthday so she only managed to give me a gift through her sister. Then my other friend gave me a pair of thigh-high socks(which would have been awesome, if not for the fact that their colors were hideous-- blue and white stripes! Like what outfit would even match that?) But anyways, that day ended with me crying on the way home and crying even more when I arrived home because I had not expected it, but my parents surprised me with a cake. So, it was pretty nice of them to turn my day around. 
 And on the saturday of my birth week, my close friends and I went to the mall to celebrate it with frappes. We had loads of fun walking around the mall and chattering and day-dreaming and doing random stuff.

Your friends really influence your dreams. And these people make me want to dream big.

Upper  and lower photo is me trying to look like the camera isn't even there. Y'know, just enjoying and taking advantage of the lovely backdrop.

We went window-shopping after all the picture-taking drama. but the best part was leaving the mall to go on an epic adventure(on the dangerous streets of Cebu, which was not really that epic, but still). We got an idea to prank people at the I.T. Park and we started fantasizing about the prank happening and we had loads of laughs while dancing randomly on the street. I shall have a video about that later. Meanwhile, enjoy these photos. 

Here's me and my two "guy" friends who are also attracted to other guys. And oh my goodness, I have the most interesting story to tell about Larlo-- we found his bae! And we got a picture with him nd his bae which I think made Larlo's Christmas complete.
So back to the prank thing, when we arrived at the park though, we realized that the prank was easier to imagine than actually do because you'd be so nervous on how the people might react! I mean, it took guts and at that moment, I had none and the battery of my camera was running out so we spent hours at the park just waiting for the thickness of my skin to kick in, but it never happened and so we arrived at my home(my friends were sleeping over) and discovered a great little surprise which turned bitterness of not having accomplished anything at I.T. park into something really sweet and unexpected.

Here's me and my gal pal.
There were suppose to be five of us on the sleepover but my other friend, Elisha, said she couldn't come because she had a thing with her relatives, so she was busy. But when we all arrived at my house, I was a bit confused to see the Christmas lights all on in my bedroom and when we went in my room, I found decorations in my room I hadn't put and two sneakers which weren't mine on the floor. Then all of a sudden, Elisha jumps out from behind the cabinet and freaking gives me a heart attack with an amazing surprise. And oh man, that just made my birthday complete. 

So that is my birthday story. I hope you enjoyed reading my jumbled thoughts and stay tuned for the video on my birthday adventure with my friends. Toodles!

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