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Instameet Cebu

Welcome to my blog once again! I have been reconstructing it because the first theme wasn't quite to my liking, I fancy this one much, much better. I added a music bar to the right if you wanna listen to some tunes while reading. I warn you though: I'm one of those who enjoy listening to obscure music. :P

Anyways, my friends and I went to our first Instameet the other day at Cafe Racer and I was quite excited to meet other artistic people. They were really nice to be with, and it was a lot of fun because we could shamelessly pose for our instagram since there were a lot of us who knew how strangers' wandering eyes felt whilst taking pictures so nobody judged hahaha. 

Oh, this pose is quite a tradition among bloggers. lol.

It was so nice feeling like a part of something and this photo looks as if we were the outcasted youth. Welcome to the Island of Misfit Toys.

But anyways, the day was quite hectic because I attended a wedding before this and after this, we were going to my friends' fiesta, so I was really exhausted after this day and it made my summer feel complete. You gotta have at least one really busy day of having fun during the summer.  

We are art, baby. Deep, beautiful art. 

Ciao, guys! See you next blog post and do leave comments and follow if you can. It would really help me. 

What I wore:
Eye Wear- Artwork
Top- thriftshop
Bottom- thriftshop
Boots- Alexis Italy


  1. Love that top and your glasses!

    xo Precious

    1. Thank you! I really appreciate it <3

  2. omg I so love your blog. Post more please!

  3. thanks for the overhweing words bout instameet! haha. hope to see you again soon! oh and keep blogging 👍🏻✌🏻️