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Leaving Tomorrow

These were taken the day before I left Cebu to go to Palawan-- the island which shall be my new home. Since my college is over there and no other college offers my course, so I had to find a boarding house and move. I'll be an island girl now. Time to change my bio on insta.

So much hat holding. I do apologize XD. There can only be so many poses that emphasize your new hat. 

This is my good friend, Shawn. He was with me on my last day at Cebu, helping me pack. After packing, we decided to do a photoshoot since he also owns a blog. It's nice having friends with the same interest as you, but hard when you leave 'em because who's gonna keep fueling those interests and help you out with them? 

I guess I should be sad, and I am a little bit. But when one door closes, a new one is opened. Or perhaps a hundred doors will open.

I'll probably be seeing you next month, so enjoy yourselves and always have thankful hearts :)

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