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Spontaneous Adventures

Our midterms had just finished and we were now able to relax and enjoy our Intramurals week. One of my friends had senior friends--they were a couple-- and the two of them decided to drag us along on one of their spontaneous adventures. It was so exciting! We had no idea where we were going and the sun was almost setting. They drove us very, very far; my friend and I were starting to become anxious. Maybe we shouldn't have agreed to go after all-- but we would've regretted it because what greeted us when we finally arrived to the unsaid destination was this amazing view.

 We were absolutely in awe! This was our first time to really go out on an adventure on this unfamiliar island because college has just been so hectic, we never had any time to squander, but luckily, exams were over!

Since it was like a tradition for seniors to invite unsuspecting freshies on a surprise trip, they told us nothing except to wear something comfortable. So I wore a gray, long-sleeved croptop, hw shorts, and my boardmate's Adidas "Tubular"(shoutout to that dude, his taste in shoes is just too classy!) as seen in this blurry photo(my friend didn't bring her glasses, so. hahaha. sorry for the blurriness). 

This is Ate Toni and Kuya Neil(the seniors who made us frightened quite a bit!). They're such a quirky and cute couple. My friend and I were happily third-and-fourth-wheeling hahaha.

So from the cliff with the fabulous view, we drove down to Nagtabon Beach. It was a public beach(shockingly), you just had to pay for the parking space. What's more shocking is the beach is so clean! The locals must maintain it, because if Palawan were Cebu, this place would be swarming with garbage and flies. No way on earth a beach as beautiful as this would remain pristine at Cebu. Cebuanos would ruin this for sure. But Palawenos seem to know the value of natural beauties such as this. That's what makes Palawan such an amazing tourist spot. 

 The beach is the most perfect place to just walk and be in deep thought, or write poetry. Even the sand was gorgeous, it was white-ish and so fine--no tiny rocks would hurt you if you walked barefoot.

The waves were wonderful. And the sunsets at Palawan really take my breath away.

 This is me and my friend, Kaye. One of our bestfriend goals, accomplished hahaha. Not only couples get to take sillouette shots, ofc we had to as well.

After we were satisfied with all the instagram-worthy pictures, we went on our way. On the way home, we told stories then ate dinner. Afterwards, they took us home and we arrived safely. That was one heck of a first adventure for college. All thanks to Ate Toni and Kuya Neil! (We should never have doubted you in the first place hahaha.)

See you soon, guys! And thank you so much for reading, it fills me with so much joy and pleasure. Leave your comments below if you enjoyed this as much as I did. 

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