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Thrifted Leather Jacket

I got a leather jacket at a thriftshop for just 25 pesos. Say what, Brittny? An effin' leather jacket for only 25 pesos?! I know, I know. It shocked me as well. But it's no joke. Now I can look like a badass biker chic in my very fancy faux leather jacket. Thank the heavens for thriftshops! 

The leather jacket I bought is also quite magical since it doesn't really feel that hot when I wear it in our tropical climate. I can wear it wherever and whenever. I think it was made for the tropics. 

These photos were taken during the last time I came back from Palawan, and let me just tell you the feeling of being from a paradise back to Cebu is just depressing. I couldn't stand it, really. Now that I had experienced traveling to a different place, I wanted more. I didn't want to come back to familiar scenes and familiar people. I wanted so much to be somewhere new and exhilarating that it broke my heart just to be back here. This used to be home, but now I'm afraid I've become a stranger to my own home. It was then and there that I knew I had to do something so that I could start my traveling as soon as possible. And I have a feeling this leather jacket is going with me to some unfamiliar places. 

Till next time, guys!

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