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It was just one of those days when we felt like we were being suffocated by the college life and so we decided to go chilling by the beach. At a magical place called Microtel here in Palawan. 

We arrived at the vicinity and didn't think that it looked like much. It was rather a humble resort on the inside, but on the outside, it offered so much more(meaning, a pool and well, a beach and a fancy restaurant)! We paid 300 pesos for the entrance fee then went on our merry way to change into our swimwear.

The pool was rather small, but we were content to just wallow in its shallow waters and talk about the events of the passed weeks. How I love going out with these girls and excavating for the hidden lessons that each unique experience has to offer. After chilling in the pool, we laid on our stomachs by the beach. As you can notice, the tide was very, very, very, VERY low. Like, seriously. If you wanna really dip and enjoy the waves of the beach, this one isn't for you(well, it might be during the night. or you can check the calendar). Anyways! We spent the whole afternoon under the sun talking about school and everything in general. Also, planning for our future adventures together.

And that is it for this post! Sorry for not posting in a long while. It's our finals week, but we have one exam left, so wish me luck!

And if you have any questions about Microtel, feel free to leave a comment or email me.

Till next time, lovely critters of the forest!

What I wore:
Sunnies- Claire's PH
Top- Angelfish
Shorts- Hollister Co.

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