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Somewhere Only We Know

We found this certain place and thought it was magic. We said to keep this place to ourselves so that it would remain only ours. I know it was selfish of us. But if you were in our shoes, you'd want to keep it for yourself as well. Although I told them I wouldn't tell anyone about it, you guys will get to know about it and witness the pictures firsthand. Perks of being my readers haha. 

This will be your facial expression when you experience Palawan in the summer. The heat is just unbearable! And the water, let me tell you, what a nightmare! Every barangay will have a schedule for when their water comes back on, because apparently, Palawan's water sources are scarce for the summer! And how unlucky for me, the schedule for our district is 12 am-6 am. But you can manage. Just prepare lots of buckets.

So as per usual, whenever stress overcame our senses, my friends and I would spontaneously go somewhere on a whim and we found this fabulous place! Seriously, everywhere you turn, everything is instagram-worthy. At first, we doubted whether this would be a nice-looking place or not, but then as we started exploring, we said sorry to our friend for doubting her(she was the one who suggested it). During the exploration, we found this awesome, creepy-looking, western-y, abandoned house that sported a huge cactus. This cactus was taller than the whole house(and the house was two-storeys high!), I was so astounded by it. The first three pics are of the house.

We put the "us" in fabulous. lol. Does that even make sense. 

The next section of the place we ventured to was their restaurant. Radiating this tribal and vintage vibe, we couldn't help but to take pictures around it. That's when we found this pineapple and thought "woah, so summer-y! Eeeek!" 

"Hey, good-lookin'. You here alone?" 

There were so many more places around the resort that was so beautiful. And the entrance fee isn't too much. If you add fifty pesos, you can avail of a breakfast meal of your choice. You will definitely find it worth it. As for accommodations, there are rooms, a pool and a restaurant. The shallowest part of the pool is five feet and the deepest is 8 ft. But they have a jacuzzi you can just wallow in if you like. I'll let you check it out yourself. The name of the place is Royal Oberoi and you can check there website out here. I hope you have a wonderful time there!

And that, folks, is how you endorse a pineapple. 

Till next time, lovely critters of the forest!

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