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Hug me, I'm Home

If pickup lines are still your thang, I got the best one for you(if you're dealing with a quirky, weird person): "Are you extraterrestrial? Because you can open up the heavens for me with just one smile."
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you get them to fall for you. jk. NEVER use pickup lines again. Pls. For the sake of humanity. 

I honestly do not know what to write for this post. Shall I talk about the adventure that I had with these three idiots? I feel that would bore you. The little talks, laughs and silly antics may seem so mundane to you, dear reader, but to me, it was some fantastic and wonderful thing. That how despite college becoming a barrier to the friendship I have with these people, we were still able to hang out like we used to. 

Or should I talk about this rug I'm wearing? lol. I found it at a thriftshop and thought "eeeeek, it looks so boho and so indie" so I bought it. Haha, I hope that justifies me wearing this rug but more appropriately it's called a "poncho." So take that! haha.

And now I end this blog post. See you, lovely humans!  

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