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A Little Story for You Lovelies

Let me just start by saying hi, and thanks for being here. I appreciate it a lot since I'm just starting out(I'm smiling ear to ear as you are reading this, seriously). What inspired me to start this blog was my love for fashion and photography. I don't just take pictures of my outfits, I take pictures of nature and other people as well. I find all types of human beings so beautiful and inspirational and I really don't know why, but I just love what makes people so unique; maybe because I'm an artist and I see people as different forms of art-- you can clearly see the beauty of some, but for others, they are abstract art. You don't see their beauty at first, but if you take the time to look closely and dig deeper, you'll find the most beautiful thing you can imagine and you'll hold on to that discovery and fall in love. That's why I took the time to construct this blog and make it happen: I want you to also fall in love and be inspired. With that said, I hope you follow me for more. 


This girl is quite of an oddball, I guess. I know I've always been peculiar. And I'm quite proud of that, despite everything. I do enjoy random dancing most times and I sing my heart out always, even though I don't sound good. I just like being myself, I suppose. Riding on my motorcycle at unbelievable speeds is the best feeling for me. I find pigs, old couples and socks cute. Socks are rather underrated; I mean, for most part of your life, you wear them! They're cute for that fact. Just stop and stare at them once in awhile and you'll realize what I mean. Most of my friends are also untraditional(smarty-pants and weirdos, that lot), but they have lasted for so long(longest has been 10 years). I guess that's because I never change. Deep inside, I'm still that whacky girl. If you'd like to be friends, leave a comment down below. 

Get Out of your  little box
(some tiny bit of inspiration for you)

Everyone has a got to have some sort of backstory, right? Well, for me, I used to be a very shy girl. Living in my comfort zone was the only way I lived which isn't really a nice way of living, and frankly, a very boring one. And my fashion sense?-- devastating! In every party my mom ever brought me to, I was the wallflower-- the ugly-duckling. I would never ever dare to even look anybody in the eye due to my fear of interacting with other humans and being, well, awkward. I was an introvert and still am to this day although I try to cope with it by at least having friends and making new ones. But I still have that fear. And the thing with fears is: they don't really exist. You've created those fears inside your little mind and now they're consuming you and getting in the way of your life.  Overcoming it isn't easy, but we all try, now don't we?

 I became sick of being too shy, being boring, and being an utter geek so I opted to find a better side of my life and then I just invented it: Brittny 2.0. This Brittny started developing a sense of fashion and a thirst for excitement but she wasn't really quite there yet. Only after she transferred to a new school, underwent a workshop in modelling and started smiling a bit did she realize how simple things were all along. And positivity can be so easy to have.

Cut to present: I've put those fears aside, stepped out of my comfort zone and my life has been quite exciting, actually. I've accomplished so many things I never thought I would accomplish and I've come such a long way that I'm not stopping anytime soon. You see, I used to be in the same box you might be in right now. It takes a little time and practice, but that box won't hold your wings forever. You know you need to spread them and fly high, brittle bird.

I started this blog so that I could share with you my life. So here's a peephole into the realm that is my world. Enjoy.

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